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Magic Wheels Copy Alert!

October 30, 2019

Magic Wheels Copy Alert!

Buyer beware, the wheels pictured below are not made by MPC Wheels or are in any way associated to MPC Wheels. 

MPC is constantly innovating to offer the best performing wheels. As a result, we often introduce new products to market that you may not recognize. We will do our best effort to publicize new products through our authorized channels. If you are ever unsure about the authenticity of a product you encounter in the market, feel free to reach out to us via social media or email at

Junk Road Reaper Halloween Contest 2018

October 31, 2018

How would you like to get a free set of 110MM or 125MM Junk Wheels? Enter our Junk Road Reaper Halloween contest for a chance to win a free set of Junk Wheels.     What is it: This is a contest to win a set of free 110MM or 125MM Junk Wheels. Beginning right now and for 1 week, through midnight November 7th, enter our contest for a chance to win a free set of 110MM or 125MM Junk Wheels. One winner will be chosen by our users' votes in our Instagram stories. (Yes, as always, the winner is chosen by our skater followers, so the whole process is transparent and fair to everyone).  TO ENTER: Post your best NEW Halloween skate photo on Instagram wearing your... Continue Reading →

Ken Kuwada wins the coveted triple crown of American skating.

October 21, 2018

    After many years going after it, MPC World Team finally gets the coveted triple crown of the fall classics in the USA. The triple crown, as coined by the best ultra distance skaters in the world, consists of winning The Northshore Inline Marathon, The New York 100K, and the grueling Athens 2 Atlanta 87-mile Road Skate, going from Athens, Georgia all the way to Atlanta, GA.  Winning these three events has been a challenge for many skaters, and a goal for MPC’s Wheel Product Manager, Francisco Ramirez.   “We have come close to winning this crown, but always came short. The last time we were really close was in 2015, when Carlos Perez won both NorthShore Inline Marathon... Continue Reading →


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